7 High Protein Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we all need more protein. Both of these statements are good nutrition advice to follow, especially if you find yourself groggy in your workouts or your work day, starving by lunch, or not quite seeing the results you’d like from your workouts.

Working some higher protein breakfast recipes into your life might be the missing key!

Concerned you may not be getting enough protein in your diet overall? Keep an eye out for these 10 unexpected warning signs.


How Much Protein Should Your Breakfast Contain?

Depending on how hard you workout and your body composition, your needs may vary. In general though, around 20-30 grams of protein in your breakfast is a great number to aim for. Like most things regarding health and fitness, this number isn’t gospel, but more of a general guideline.

Because of the three macronutrients – carbs, fats, and protein – protein is king in terms of building and maintaining muscle, and providing a key energy source. So it makes sense to fill up your tank first thing in the morning. Protein is crucial for satiety, so if you’re regularly feeling hungry long before lunch, make sure you’re getting enough.

Say goodbye to that outdated myth that you can’t get ample protein from vegan foods!

And no, coffee does not count as breakfast! But for all our coffee drinkers out there, a great protein hack is to add a scoop of collagen powderto your cup of joe. There are many vegan collagen powder options!

Do You Have Enough Protein In Your Diet? Here’s Why It’s So Important

Knocking out a solid 20-30 grams first thing with high protein breakfast recipes gives you a boost toward hitting that overall daily goal. All of these ideas are plant-based, and delicious whether you’re vegan or not, so say goodbye to that outdated myth that you can’t get ample protein from vegan foods!


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Add These 5 Plant-Based Foods That Are High In Protein to Your Diet


Try 7 These Plant-Based High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Note that while these recipes are all plant-based, you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy them! And they can all be customized to your prefences, with suggestions of how added below.

1. Vegan Protein Muffins

banana muffin recipe

If you thought a high protein breakfast recipe had to include a shake, eggs, or yogurt, think again. Traditional muffins are more of a carb-loaded treat, but with some smart tweaks, these muffins are packed with protein and have all the cozy indulgence of classic muffins — but will keep you energized and powered up much longer.

Feel free to have seconds, or pair with a shake or side of plant-based tofu scramble to hit that 20 grams goal. These also make the perfect mid-afternoon protein snack or pre workout snack.

There are many great vegan protein muffin recipes out there, but this banana oat protein muffin recipe from One Clever Chef is top-notch.

2. Protein Oats


Don’t forget about carbs, which are, as you’ve surely heard, not at all the enemy, but another vital nutrient for energy and fuel. Combine protein + carbs with a bowl of protein laced oats.

Simply make your favorite oatmeal recipes – instant, old fashioned, or steel cut work (but these take longer.) Add in spices, nuts, fruit, and then a scoop of your aforementioned favorite protein powder. You can further bump up the protein count by a sprinkle of hemp hearts and a dollop of peanut butter.


3. Plant-Based Chickpea “Omelette”

chickpea omlette

Are you a morning egg lover? Maybe you love the idea of eggs as a snappy, satisfying breakfast but either don’t actually love eggs or are plant-based? Enter, chickpea flour as a magical substitute that whips up into a beautiful fluffy omelette.

Like eggs, chickpea flour contains tons of protein, but of the plant-based variety, and you can double or triple the mix and keep on hand to quickly whip up a morning omelet, filled with your favorite veggies and cheese.

You will love this protein-packed chickpea omelette recipe from The Conscious Plant Kitchen.

If you eat eggs, by all means, you can make an egg omelette with some of the same ingredients or make it your own by adding whichever ingredients you’d like!

4. Tofu + Veggie Scramble

One of the best ways to use tofu is in a simple breakfast scramble such as this high protein breakfast recipe you can double or triple and enjoy for days. The texture of tofu when mashed and cooked perfectly mimics that of scrambled eggs, turmeric adds zesty yellow color (and health perks), and it travels well for a great on-the-go or at-your-office breakfast.

Load up with assorted veggies such as kale, bell peppers, and toss in cubed potatoes for extra carby goodness. Roll up in a tortilla for an on-the-go breakfast burrito. The options are endless!

(Same as #3, if you eat eggs, by all means, you can make an egg scramble with some of the same ingredients or make it your own by adding whichever ingredients you’d like!)

If you’d like to follow a specific recipe for this dish, I recommend this southwest tofu scramble from Minimalist Baker.

5. Yogurt and High Protein Granola

Yogurt and High Protein Granola

For a quick breakfast on the lighter side, yogurt plus granola makes the perfect grab-and-go option that you can enjoy at your desk or wherever your morning takes you. Many a plant-based yogurt exists on grocery store shelves, but look at labels and choose one higher in protein – 10 grams and up, and lower containing moderate amounts of sugar.

Then, top with a homemade granola for one of the more customizable and easy to prep high protein breakfast ideas. The star of the show are hemp hearts – tiny, nutty protein-packed secret weapons to keep in your pantry.

Check out this fantastic hemp seed high protein granola recipe from Bucket List Tummy.

6. Protein Shake

It’s not particularly inventive, nor is it anything new, but it’s hard to beat a protein shake when you’re looking for easy, peasy, quick high protein breakfast recipes.

The protein powder options on shelves these days are virtually endless, so choose your favorite base (pea protein is a great vegan protein that’s sustainable as it is delicious), and blend with frozen berries, banana and peanut butter, and your favorite plant milk for a protein bomb of a breakfast.

7. Blueberry Protein Pancakes

blueberry pancake protein recipe

No list of high protein breakfast recipes would be complete without everyone’s favorite weekend (or any day of the week, given how simple these are) sweet treat – pancakes.

The trick to a super high protein vegan pancake is the addition of either protein powder or vital wheat gluten, a mega-high protein addition you can find in the baking section of most any grocery store.

These freeze well too, so prepare a batch for the week and make every morning a special occasion.

This vegan protein pancake recipe from Fit Vegan Chef is delicious and protein-packed.

Start Your Day Right with a High Protein Breakfast Recipe

Your mom said it best: breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and there’s something to that long-held wisdom. Kick off your day on a healthy, energizing, protein-focused note to give yourself a boost first thing, or to fuel your morning workout if that’s when you move your body.

Many of these recipes can be prepped in large batches so you can prepare them for the week and make your busy mornings way easier – future you will thank you.

Working some higher protein breakfast recipes into your life might be the missing key!

Even if your family/partner/roommate/coworkers aren’t vegan, make enough to share – they’re all delicious enough that you don’t need to be plant-based to enjoy!

Which high-protein breakfast recipe was your favorite from this list? Have another recipe you love? Please share in the comments – we love hearing from you. 🙂

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