Does Spironolactone Cause Weight Gain?

Spironolactone is a water pill for treating heart conditions. It removes excess water from the body that may lead to weight loss in some folks. Apart from that, Spironolactone has several off-label uses that aren’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The medications’ unique effects can help cure acne, female hair loss, and PCOS. There is no denying that spironolactone belly fat is just a myth. However, if you plan to include Spironolactone in your diet, talk with a healthcare expert. The usefulness of this medication for weight management has yet to be validated. In this blog, you may clarify, “Does Spironolactone cause weight gain or weight loss?”

What is Spironolactone?

Spironolactone is a diuretic that is primarily used to treat heart failure. It comes as an oral tablet and belongs to the diuretic drug class. The tablet is FDA-approved for adults to treat acne, liver diseases, and high blood pressure. 

Your medical provider may prescribe Spironolactone along with other therapies. However, watching out for specific side effects is essential before choosing Spironolactone. 

Can Spironolactone cause weight gain?

The honest answer to this question is that no spironolactone can’t cause weight gain. Unlike every other medication, Spironolactone has several side effects, but weight gain isn’t one of them. Weight gain from Spironolactone is often listed on certain websites but isn’t very relevant. 

Usually, healthcare experts may prescribe this diuretic to reduce blood pressure. In addition, the medicine can decrease your weight after some time. Besides, it must be noted that Spironolactone doesn’t affect the body’s fat levels anyway. However, your body may lose water, resulting in significant weight loss.

Does Spironolactone cause weight loss?

Spironolactone weight loss is one of the side effects of spironolactone use. It must be clear that Spironolactone isn’t a weight loss drug. There are no medical studies to prove that this medication can be used for weight loss. However, Spironolactone is a diuretic that carries an ability of fluid retention. Therefore, temporary weight loss may happen after taking this drug.

Many people struggling with weight management issues may not depend upon Spironolactone. That medication may not provide any permanent solution in this regard.

What are the common side effects of Spironolactone?

Apart from having diuretic weight loss, Spironolactone has many other side effects. Let’s look into Spironolactone’s side effects closely.

Spironolactone may readily cause specific kidney problems. Rarely, it can end up in kidney failure in some individuals. In addition, doctors need to find out how often chronic kidney problems occur with spironolactone intake. When you have low blood pressure or are becoming dehydrated during the treatment, then the risk of kidney problems may get higher. 

As Spironolactone makes the body lose fluids, getting low blood pressure is much more apparent. When you’re having symptoms of blood pressure contact your doctor right away. 

One of the prominent side effects of Spironolactone is breast growth in males. Usually, one’s breast tissues may become swollen or tender over time. In addition, if someone takes a higher dosage of Spironolactone only, this side effect may occur. This may happen after 1 month to 1 year from taking Spironolactone. In addition, women may not complain about breast changes. Talk with your doctor if you’re experiencing any changes in the breast. 

Many individuals may experience Hyperkalemia with Spironolactone, as the medicine may help the body retain potassium. Besides, it is not clear how often this side effect can happen. But, if there are kidney problems, taking Spironolactone may result in Hyperkalemia.

In addition, if someone takes this medicine with potassium supplements, then also Hyperkalemia may occur. When you take more low potassium-rich foods, Hyperkalemia can take place. However, this condition comes out without any symptoms. 

Is weight loss or weight gain Spironolactone’s side effect?

Clinical Studies confirm that weight loss or weight gain isn’t reported in individuals who took Spironolactone. With this medication, the body may lose excess fluid, which can result in weight loss. 

The body may retain more fluid when Spironolactone fails to treat conditions such as kidney failure or heart disease. It can end up causing weight gain over time. Whether you are having Spironolactone weight gain after stopping the drug or are facing other side effects, speak with your doctor. Your doctor may detect if any other problem is arising with Spironolactone intake. 

By chance, if an individual is losing weight after taking Spironolactone, this indicates that the medication is working perfectly. However, if there is any concern regarding weight loss, then reach out to your doctor. 

Can you stop taking Spironolactone?

Most importantly, consult your medical expert before you stop Spironolactone. Know that symptoms of withdrawal may not be caused immediately after leaving Spironolactone. 

Later on, individuals may notice an increase in their blood pressure, the body may start retaining fluid and begin to lose potassium. These things can be hazardous for an individual. Whether you decide to stop Spironolactone or aren’t getting effectiveness from its intake, please visit a doctor. 

What are the other uses of Spironolactone?

Doctors have accepted Spironolactone after extensive research and experiments. Simultaneously, the oral drug has several uses in curing ailments. 

Let’s check out some of the primary uses of Spironolactone.

Adults may be given Spironolactone with other medication for treating high blood pressure. The promising nature of this drug keeps salt, potassium, and sodium levels in check. Ultimately, the risks of stroke and heart attacks get eliminated. 

To adjust your heart’s pumping, your healthcare provider may recommend Spironolactone. Generally, other medicines are also given along with Spironolactone. Several cardiovascular events can be culminated by this water pill

Typically, the testosterone hormone can produce excess oil in the skin, causing acne. After consuming Spironolactone, androgen secretion in the body slows down. So, doctors use this medication for treating acne, excess hair growth, and PCOS.

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If your body retains excess fluid, then certain parts may swell. Many times, swelling is the result of heart disease, liver failure, or kidney ailments. Spironolactone can be the best medication to cure this condition.

Girls with PCOS may go for Spironolactone. Mainly, it is characterized by elevated levels of androgen. You may regulate menstrual irregularities after taking Spironolactone. 

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What is your ideal Spironolactone Dosage?

Your doctor always decides the Spironolactone max dosage, depending upon several factors. These factors may include:

  • The type of condition that is to be treated

  • Your age

  • Medical conditions that a person is having

  • How well your kidney works

  • If you’re facing any side effects after having this medication

Anyway, a doctor will start the medication by prescribing a low dosage. Later, the doctor may adjust the medication depending on your body type. 

What if you miss the Spironolactone dose?

If you ever need to remember to take Spironolactone tablets, take them as soon as possible. But, when the missed dose coincides with your next dose, skip the former and continue with the scheduled dosage.

Never think of taking two doses at a time. By doing that, your risk of side effects may increase considerably. Make a medication reminder to ensure you remember all dosages. Be it setting an alarm on your phone or downloading a reminder app, do anything and everything. 

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When should you take Spironolactone?

Consider Spironolactone once a day, every morning. At times, people taking high doses may use Spironolactone twice a day. Further to this, ensure that the drug is eaten before 4 pm. Generally, you may have to wake up during sleep to pee if Spironolactone is taken later. 


Understand that Spironolactone is a well-tolerated medicine but not for everyone. It has never been used to gain weight as the pill contains other incredible benefits. Still, Spironolactone may aid in temporary weight gain due to its hormone-regulating potential. In addition, heart survivors have always praised the medicine. Naturally, Spironolactone contains side effects for a few individuals. Take your doctor’s approval before including Spironolactone in your diet. Do not blame its efficacy because the medicine is safe for some. 

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