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Mediclaim Policy costs are increasing daily, along with health-related issues. Because of this, it is now more crucial than ever for people of all ages and income levels to maintain a comprehensive Mediclaim Policy in case of unpredictability. Even if paying policy premiums could seem like an additional financial strain, particularly for people in the lower and moderate-income categories, it will undoubtedly come in handy in a medical emergency. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll learn what is a mediclaim policy, its advantages for various income groups, and why and how to compare Health Insurance plans in India.

The low coverage rate of Mediclaim Policy among middle-class and lower-class populations is a significant concern. According to the 2021 NITI Aayog report “Health Insurance for India’s Missing Middle,” about 40 crore Indians, or 30% of the population, do not have Health Insurance or Mediclaim Policies. Without these policies, a medical emergency could drain their resources and worsen their financial situation.

What Is a Mediclaim Policy?

A Mediclaim Policy is a type of financial protection that pays for medical costs incurred as a result of illness or injury. It is frequently used interchangeably with Health Insurance. An unforeseen medical bill is covered by mediclaim coverage in India, where healthcare costs are on the rise. These policies are available from a number of insurance companies, each of which provides a selection of plans to meet different needs.

Advantages of Mediclaim Policy for Groups with Low and Middle Incomes

For people with limited finances, a Mediclaim Policy is a wise and significant investment. For low and middle-income groups, having a Mediclaim Policy will help you avoid serious financial setbacks and cover your hospital expenses.

For a middle-class or lower-class household, it is one of the primary advantages of having Mediclaim Policy. A policy can help you receive timely, high-quality treatment without worrying about the cost, if your income is limited. A small premium must be paid in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly instalments. 

For instance, Mediclaim Policy for a low-income family can come in handy in the event that one of the insured suffers a serious injury or is given a life-threatening diagnosis. The insured can choose to receive prompt, high-quality care without breaking the bank.

If you have a Mediclaim Policy, you can choose cashless hospitalisation with ease, particularly for an appointment-based medical procedure. 

Your insurer will pay the hospital fees when you select a network hospital for your surgery; you might not have to spend anything out of pocket. This is a significant advantage of a Mediclaim Policy for low and middle-class households alike.

It is one of the primary advantages of a Mediclaim Policy. Having a policy will provide you with all-around coverage and ease your mind during difficult times. It will take care of your hospital bills. This covers the cost of medications, diagnostic tests, investigative procedures, medical consultation fees, and more. These costs can mount up quickly, and those with low incomes may find it challenging to pay for these services in the absence of a Mediclaim Policy.

One more advantage of a Mediclaim Policy for low or middle-income households is the ability to insure every member of your family under a family floater policy. This will guarantee that you and your family members pay reasonable premiums for quality medical care. You will also avoid the headaches of overseeing and maintaining separate policies if you have a single plan for the whole family.

Why Compare Health Insurance Policies Online?

Online Health Insurance plan comparisons save your time, money, and effort. This is the reason it’s best to compare Health Insurance and mediclaim options online:

To find out the Health Insurance premium for a certain policy, there is no cost involved. On the insurer’s website (such as or the ACKO app), free quotes are offered. To obtain an approximate price, all you need to do is select your desired Health Insurance plan and provide basic information about yourself, such as your age, gender, and location.

You can purchase or choose a health plan without having to go to an agent’s office. You may even browse on a Sunday, choose your favourite plan, and purchase whenever it’s most convenient for you!

Since all the information you need is online, you may browse through the contents and exclusions of several policies, make comparisons, and choose the best fit. A similar comparison can be done for the premium amount, services provided, and claim settlement procedure.

Being aware of your health risks allows you to accurately determine the type of Health Insurance you need. In this manner, you get what you desire instead of what the salesperson is trying to push.

Purchasing the cheapest Health Insurance plan is not the best way to get value for your money. It involves striking the ideal balance between your needs and the benefits provided by the policy. Finding coverage that not only satisfies your Health Insurance criteria but also fits within your budget can be accomplished by comparing policies.

How to Compare Health Insurance Plans?

Plan comparisons for Health Insurance can be done in two ways. Use the contemporary internet method or the tiresome offline method of going to insurers’ offices and scheduling meetings with agents. Online comparison shopping is the most efficient way to compare health insurance plans with the least effort. 

Here are the steps to compare Health Insurance plans:

Step 1: Go to the website of the health insurer. Consider

Step 2: To start the procedure, click “Buy Insurance” or a similar button.

Step 3: Provide some basic information about the person or people you wish to insure.

Step 4: Decide on the insurance amount.

Step 5: If necessary, add more covers, or add-ons.

Step 6: Make a note of the Health Insurance quote that you are charged for the services and coverage. Also, take note of the claim procedure and go through the internet reviews for that insurance company.

Step 7: Proceed with this procedure for each potential insurer.

Step 8: Ultimately, you will possess compiled information to make a well-informed choice.

Mediclaim Policy for Different Income Groups


For those with low or middle incomes, health insurance acts as a crucial investment, safeguarding their savings during medical emergencies. Therefore, even if you don’t have enough money, make sure you and your family are covered by a quality healthcare plan.

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