Super Top-Up Health Insurance vs. Regular Health Insurance: What’s the Difference?

Ailments and accidents don’t come with warnings and just one visit to the hospital can crumble your carefully laid financial plans. There are times when hospital bills are so exorbitant that your regular health insurance plan’s benefits fall short and then you have to dig in your savings to pay the hospital bills. Super Top up Health Insurance plans come as a blessing in disguise for this kind of difficult financial situation. 

A Super Top-Up Health Insurance plan is similar to your regular health insurance policy but it only gets activated if the sum assured is crossed. Keep on reading to understand what exactly is a Super Top-up Health Insurance plan and how it is different from a regular health insurance policy. 

What is a Regular Health Insurance Plan?

A regular health insurance plan provides you immediate medical coverage up to a specified amount from the very first rupee spent upon hospitalisation. You can decide the coverage amount that is perfect for you and your family by using a health insurance premium calculator

A regular health insurance plan typically covers a wide range of medical events and expenses like pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, ambulance charges, room charges, etc., and offers you financial security as you do not need to worry about paying exorbitant medical bills out of your pocket. Certain regular health insurance plans also provide the facility of cashless hospitalisation at network hospitals, simplifying the claims process.

What is Super Top-Up Health Insurance?

Super Top-up Health Insurance plans enhance the insurance coverage over your existing regular health insurance policy. However, unlike a regular top-up plan, a super top-up plan covers the total medical expenses incurred after the deductible. Super Top-up Health Insurance allows you to make the most of your regular health insurance plan and prioritise your health. 

Let us understand this with an example: Neena has a regular health insurance policy with a sum insured of ₹5 lakhs and this policy will provide Neena coverage for her medical expenses from the first rupee up to ₹5 lakhs. 

Additionally, Neena has a Super Top-up Plan with a deductible of ₹5 lakhs and a coverage of ₹10 lakhs. Her regular health insurance plan will cover the first ₹5 lakhs while the Super Top-up Health Insurance plan will cover any further expenses or hospital bills up to ₹10 lakhs. Note that, Neena has an overall coverage of Rs. 15 lakhs (5 from the base plan + 10 from Super Top-up).

Super Top-Up Health Insurance vs. Regular Health Insurance – Difference

Regular health insurance plans and Super Top-up Health Insurance plans may sound similar but they have some very distinct features and differences. The table below will help you understand the difference between the two in a detailed manner. 

Regular Health Insurance Plan

Super Top- up Health Insurance Plan

Provides immediate cover from the first rupee spent on hospitalisation up to a certain sum insured.

Additional health insurance policy to support the regular health plan. Provides coverage for medical bills and hospital expenses when the total medical expense exceeds a certain threshold. 

Covers hospitalisation costs, ambulance charges, pre and post-hospitalisation expenses and in certain cases, day care procedures as well up to a specified amount.

Covers hospitalisations costs and medical bills once the deductible is crossed. 

Because the policy provides coverage from the first instance of a medical cost, the premium is higher as compared to a super top-up plan.

The premium is lower compared to a regular health insurance policy as the coverage provided under this policy kicks in once the deductible limit is crossed.

As the policy provides coverage from the first rupee spent, it does not have a deductible.

Has a deductible amount and once the deductible is surpassed, the super-top-up covers the remaining expenses.

A regular health insurance plan is perfect as a starter pack for those who are looking for immediate health coverage and can afford a higher premium

However, a Super Top-up Health Insurance plan is ideal for you, if you are looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your coverage at a lower premium and you already have a health insurance policy that will provide you immediate coverage up to the deductible limit. 


Lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise. Thus, eating right, exercising, and ensuring quality sleep become necessary to stay fit. However, if there’s a health scare, a comprehensive health insurance policy will provide much-needed financial assistance and offer timely professional medical assistance. Moreover, combining a regular health insurance plan with a Super Top-up Health Insurance plan is a smart strategy as it provides you extensive coverage at affordable premium rates.

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