The Total State with Auron MacIntyre

Rip talks with author Auron MacIntyre about his book, The Total State. The discussion delves into the manipulation of news events, media bias, and the shifting powers within the government. MacIntyre, drawing from his experiences as a journalist, sheds light on the relentless assault on truth and the erosion of individual liberties. Rip and MacIntyre explore the critical questions raised in the book, such as the role of democracy in expanding government power and the effectiveness of the Constitution in restraining it.

  • 00:27 Auron MacIntyre, The Total State 
  • 06:51 Who really runs the government?
  • 14:00 Why do we fail to learn from history?
  • 19:46 Exploring a modern “religion” without a holy book
  • 28:55 How the public is sold a lie
  • 42:09 The effects of globalization
  • 53:20 The importance of community
  • 1:07:12 The role of local governments
  • 1:14:06 When, if ever, does violence become the answer?

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