10 Best Pillow For Neck Pain Relief: How To Choose

You might wish to get a new pillow if you experience neck pain or wake up with stiff, aching neck muscles. There is no doubt that night sleep is quite crucial for us. Even though fluffy pillows are known for being comfortable, where you lay your head in bed can have a big impact on how pain-free your neck feels at night. Selecting a pillow that maintains your head in a neutral or sleep position throughout the night is the greatest strategy to prevent neck pain. If you are too thin, your head will droop towards the mattress, resulting in a bent neck and straining your muscles, tendons, and nerves. Are you worried about which pillow is best for neck pain? Doctors may recommend the best pillow for neck pain designed to provide optimal support and comfort, promoting restful and pain-free sleep. To solve the problem, we have listed some Best Pillows for Neck Pain to provide effective relief and promote restful sleep.

How To Choose An Orthopedic Pillow For Neck Pain Issues?

About 20% of people around you might feel discomfort in their necks. Many Americans often complain about having a sore neck. Even though pillows don’t cause neck issues, an uncomfortable pillow can make sleeping difficult, especially if your neck hurts. Almost all the time, things like stress, injuries, what you eat, and how you use pillows can make your neck feel not-so-good. 

However, special pillows, like contour pillows, can help. They support your neck in a good way and can make it easier for people with neck pain to feel better and sleep well.

Some items to consider when selecting a pillow are listed below:

1. Loft

When you lay on a pillow, how flat or puffy it is, that’s called the “loft.” Pillows usually come in low, medium, or high loft levels. And guess what? Each level is one inch different!

  • Low loft: It’s not very thick, up to three inches.

  • Medium loft: A bit thicker, between three to five inches.

  • High loft: The tallest one, at least five inches in diameter.

So, when you pick a pillow, you can choose the loft that feels just right for you—whether you like it low, medium, or high!

2. Durability Level

Choosing the right pillow is crucial for a good night’s sleep! The materials in your pillow, like dense foam or down feathers, play a big role in how firm or soft it feels. Research suggests a “semi-firm” pillow could be a good sleeper choice. But don’t forget to check your mattress, too – its density can impact how your pillow sits on it. So, it’s like creating the perfect dream team for your sleep comfort! 

3. Type and materials

Common components of pillows include foam, memory foam, feathers, organic cotton, and synthetic fill. The kind of pillow you purchase will affect how comfortable you sleep. According to several studies, an orthopedic pillow may benefit neck pain. These studies are recorded in the library of the National Institute of Health. Regardless of your choice, a cozy pillow may give you a restful night’s sleep. 

4. Your sleeping posture

The way you sleep matters a lot for your neck comfort. Whether you’re a side sleeper, back snoozer, or stomach sleeper, the right pillow can make a huge difference. Pick a pillow that matches your favorite sleep position voilà – you’ll support your spine, have a cozy night, and wake up without that pesky neck pain! Sweet dreams await! 

5. Body type

Your body type matters when selecting a pillow, albeit it’s not as important as your sleeping posture. Smaller frame types often require a low-loft cushion, medium-builders require a medium-loft pillow, and larger frame types require a high-loft pillow. Of course, depending on how you sleep, this is always an exception. Finding the ideal cushion to prevent neck pain may require experimenting with various loft heights.  

Top 10 Picks for Pillows to Relieve Neck Pain

Finding the Best pillow for neck pain can be a game-changer for your sleep quality and add-on sleeping tips. Here are some top picks to consider:

1. Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillow 

If you’re looking for a great pillow to help with neck pain, the Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillow is the one! It’s like getting a cozy hug from your pillow. The special butterfly shape keeps your neck in a natural curve while you sleep, and the memory foam gives just the right support. It’s like a comfy nest for your shoulders and neck. So, if you want sweet dreams and a happy neck, this pillow is the way to go!

2. SleepyCat Contour Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

SleepyCat Contour Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

The Foam Pillow from SleepyCat is a comfortable protection that relieves neck and shoulder pain. Thanks to the dual loft design, you can select the height that best fits your sleeping position. Because the surface is covered with breathable bamboo cloth, it is ideal for sensitive skin types and non-allergenic. If you are still facing the problem, you can go for sleeping supplements.

3. HealthSense Memory Foam Pillow

HealthSense Memory Foam Pillow

The HealthSense thin pillow for neck pain has a special balance of bamboo fiber cover and memory foam. The bamboo fiber cover keeps you cool and comfy, while the strong but soft memory foam provides the best-sleeping pillow for neck pain. Additionally, the side mesh cover encourages ventilation.

4. Dr.Ortho Premium Orthopedic Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Dr.Ortho Premium Orthopedic Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

The cervical memory foam pillow from Dr. Ortho has a special curve shape that perfectly cradles your neck. The high-density foam provides the ideal level of firmness, guaranteeing restful sleep. And it’s easy to maintain with the washable cover.

5. Cervical Neck Pillows for Sleeping

Cervical Neck Pillows for Sleeping

These orthopedic cervical neck support pillows are ideal for people who want pain relief. The contour design preserves your neck’s natural curve, which relieves shoulder and neck pain. The best pillow for neck pain is also adaptable and suitable for all sleeping postures.

6. Layla Kapok Pillow

Layla Kapok Pillow

Made of CertiPUR-US-certified foam, it features an easy-to-clean cover and removable fill for precise customization. It is wonderfully comfy and moldable to cradle your neck or head. Unzip the pillow’s machine-washable cover and interior shell to reach your desired loft and remove as much fill as necessary. You don’t want to have fill sliced all over your bedroom, so you’ll want to remove it a little bit at a time. 

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7. Parachute Down Pillow

Parachute Down Pillow

The four varieties of this down pillow that Parachute offers are ideal for back and side sleepers if you prefer a firm down cushion but still want to protect your neck. For those who like their down a bit heavier, the hard option feels sturdy yet seems fluffy. To keep everything tidy, the down responsibly sourced can be put through the washing machine. 

8. Saatva Cloud Memory Foam Pillow

Saatva Cloud Memory Foam Pillow

Imagine a pillow specially made for side sleepers – it’s like a cozy support system for your head and neck! This pillow is like a sleep superhero because it keeps your head and shoulder in the perfect position. The memory foam inside is certified to be super bouncy and supportive, and there’s even some cooling gel for that extra touch of comfort. It’s like a magical alignment for your neck while you sleep away!

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9. Boll & Branch Down Pillow

Boll & Branch Down Pillow

Boll & Branch Down Pillow like having three pillows in one! You get to choose how soft or firm you want it. Its three chambers are filled with either super soft down or supportive feathers. The shell cover of this eco-friendly down cushion is made entirely of organic cotton. You can surely buy this pillow, sturdy enough to support your head and neck and soft enough to cuddle. 

10. Tempur-Pedic Cloud

Tempur-Pedic Cloud

Memory foam and latex cushions are frequently suggested when avoiding a stiff neck because they can conform to the sleeper’s head and neck, minimizing pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. Because of its adjustable foam in two loft sizes 4 inches and 5 inches, Tempur-Pedic’s Cloud mattress receives great reviews for varying body types. 

You’ll be relieved to hear that this cushion is not only hypoallergenic but also has copper-infused foam that offers antimicrobial properties to shield you from dust mites, mildew, and allergens if you have allergies.


Selecting the cervical pillow for neck pain is easy. Pay attention to the design, material, and comfort. An excellent pillow should meet your budget, be constructed of solid, high-quality materials, and preserve your neck’s natural posture. The cushion that suits you and the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain make sleeping habits ultimately the ideal choice. Sleep is important and if you avoid it. It will result in many disease conditions.

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