7 Foods to Avoid While Taking Jardiance & What To Take

Jardiance is an FDA-approved medicine for people with diabetes. It helps control type 2 diabetes in adults and may also help with heart problems. Jardiance makes the kidneys pass more urine, lowering glucose levels. Although taking Jardiance with various foods is safe, certain foods may interact negatively with the medication or affect its effectiveness. You must be mindful of your diet and consult your healthcare provider for personalized guidance on the best food choices while using Jardiance. So, if you’re looking to identify foods to avoid while taking Jardiance, here’s a list of “Foods to Avoid While Taking Jardiance.”

What is Jardiance?

Jardiance is a medicine for people with diabetes. It helps control type 2 diabetes in adults and may also help with heart problems. Jardiance makes the kidneys pass more urine, lowering glucose levels. Doctors often suggest taking Jardiance with food and water. It can also be used to treat kidney disease in its later stages.

7 Odd Foods to Avoid while taking Jardiance

A list of 7 odd foods with Jardiance is mentioned below:

1. Garlic Supplements

Garlics have promising impacts on the overall health of individuals. It may also lower blood sugar levels if taken in supplement form. But, taking the same with Jardiance may have slight effectiveness. Besides that, a study by NIH, Jardiance may help reduce the blood sugar level, and garlic supplements can make the blood sugar drop largely. It may result in a condition called Hypoglycemia. In addition, it can be better if garlic cloves are added to cooking occasionally.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine has all the necessary goodness for a diabetic patient. It can specially dehydrate the body if taken along with Jardiance. Moreover, higher levels of caffeine may result in dehydration. So, always limit caffeine intake. Besides that, individuals might increase their risk of dehydration by taking too much caffeine. If you’re taking Jardiance and caffeine together, the body may lose too much water. Also, a person may feel lightheaded and dizzy by taking this drug and coffee.

3. Sweets

Whether you are sweet-toothed or simply looking to add some sweets to your diet, Jardiance may cause the opposite effect. It can counteract the purpose of medicine and increase blood sugar levels. In addition, hidden sugars may also be found in yogurts, honey, and syrups can alleviate diabetic levels. The products need to be brought by checking the levels thoroughly. Furthermore, reducing sweets intake by 10% is essential for sugar patients.

4. Alcohol

The recommended diet for diabetic victims doesn’t include alcohol in it. When the blood sugar is at its peak, it is better to know the risks of drinking alcohol. Besides, it may cause blood sugar to rise too high or drop excessively in diabetic people. Therefore, it is safe to drink alcohol at a moderate level with some precaution.

5. Refined Grains

Refined Grains are low in nutrients and fiber only. It can hurt the blood sugar level. You may consult your dietician regarding the selection of refined grains.

6. Ultra-Processed Foods

Consumption of excess Ultra-Processed foods may lead to a rise in blood sugar levels. In addition, these foods are prepared with several sorts of alterations and can compromise Jardiance’s reliability. It is recommended to restrict or limit the intake of these products. A study says it is linked to cancer as well.

7. Green Tea

Green Tea can help to reduce fasting blood sugar to a reasonable extent. Individuals may experience positivity by drinking green tea in diabetes, but Jardiance won’t go with it. Jardiance may cause blood sugar levels to drop significantly. Following that, blood sugar levels can become unpredictable in this way.

What to eat with Jardiance?

Undoubtedly, the usefulness of Jardiance in combating high blood sugar must be addressed. The person’s dietary changes can balance away the side effects and reduce blood sugar levels. Still, there is a lot more to do in relieving diabetic disorder.

1. Non-Starchy Vegetables

Non-starchy vegetables can be a good source of nutrients and fiber. Mainly, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes won’t spike the blood glucose levels. In addition, these vegetables are shallow in carb content. Non-starchy vegetables can be pretty helpful if taken for lowering carbs.

2. Protein-based foods

Taking protein-based foods may help in stabilizing blood sugar levels widely. Ultimately, there will be slower glucose release from these kinds of foods. They are incredibly insulin-resistant because of are high in saturated fats. So, meat, chicken, and eggs can aid in slower glucose release with high-carb foods.

3. Whole Grains

It is entirely wrong to ignore whole grains with Jardiance. Furthermore, people may take entire grains along with carbs. Apart from that, eating carbs in moderation may mean reducing blood sugar levels. The glucose molecules may release slowly preventing raised blood glucose levels.

4. High Probiotic Foods

Jardiance can act upon the transient side effect by increasing urinary tract infections. Further to this, robust gut health can solve this problem significantly. Women with recurrent urinary tract infections may benefit from probiotics in their diet. If you are hesitant about adding probiotics, then probiotic supplements can also do their job.

When to avoid Jardiance?

Individuals must look into the preventive measures before taking Jardiance. There can be certain situations where Jardiance can take a wrong turn. It is suggested to follow the advice of your doctor regarding Jardiance use.

1. Kidney Dialysis

It would help to be cautious while consuming Jardiance between kidney dialysis. In addition, there can be some allergic reactions to taking these prescription drugs. A study states that kidney condition can get worsened by taking Jardiance. Do consult your doctor at least once before adding Jardiance to your diet.

2. Allergies

Many individuals can have allergic reactions to empagliflozin and other ingredients. You have to avoid taking Jardiance if anything such happens.

3. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Jardiance doesn’t determine the mother and child’s safety. This may result in fetal harm if consumed during the second or third trimester. Diabetes that isn’t managed during the phase of pregnancy can also cause much harm. Specifically, contacting with the doctor is quite mandatory.

4. Low Blood Pressure

A patient with low blood pressure must not go for Jardiance. This can lower their pressure level even more.

5. Dehydration

Notably, Jardiance can result in causing dehydration when taken with other medications. It is necessary to drink an adequate amount of water if you’re consuming Jardiance.

6. Surgical Procedure

It is preferably recommended to discontinue Jardiance if the surgery gets scheduled. In addition, the potential risk of dehydration can be felt from this medicine.

7. Pancreas Problem

If you are a victim of a pancreas problem, then inform your doctor about it. Further to this, research taken for Jardiance intake may also result in developing ketoacidosis.

How to take Jardiance?

There are uncountable benefits of Jardiance. But, this prescription drug can cause a negative effect if not taken as per the doctor’s say. Most importantly, the directions given on the prescription level should be followed. In addition, the doctor may change the medicine’s dosage occasionally. Also, the blood sugar level has to be checked before taking Jardiance.

The medicine should be taken once in the morning with or without food. Although your blood sugar level may be average, checking with the doctor is essential.


Jardiance is packed with the essential compounds that can reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore, you may receive ample amounts of benefits by consuming Jardiance in proportionate amounts. These benefits include improving heart function, kidney damage, blindness, blurry vision, and loss of limbs. There are some foods to avoid while taking Jardiance. Before adding Jardiance to the diet, connect with the best healthcare specialists in India.

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