Are White Claws Gluten Free? Know Facts Only

If you are a fan of the hard seltzers, you may be wondering “Are White Claws gluten-free?” Well, to find the answer to this question, we have covered this blog for you!

Do you know that millions of people around the world struggle with gluten intolerance or celiac disease? This condition has become widespread over the past few years which leads to high demand for completely gluten-free options. White Claws has gained huge popularity due to its low-content, gluten-free ingredients, and yummy taste, making it a gluten-free alternative to alcoholic beverages. Their gluten-free composition makes them the most safe beverages for people sensitive to gluten.

Let’s dig deeper into this article to get answers to all your queries such as what are white claws, how they are made, their ingredients, or whether they are gluten-free or not. Read on!

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What Are White Claws?

White Claw is a well-known hard seltzer brand available in the markets of the U.S. It has been gaining attention over the past years as a refreshing, light alcoholic alternative. This is a carbonated alcoholic drink that has a formulation of fermented sugar and fruit flavors. It comes in many different fruit flavors such as black cherry, ruby grapefruit, natural lime, mango, and raspberry which are completely gluten-free. White Claw has low calories, sugars, and carbs in comparison to beer and some other alcohol-containing beverages.

Also, the alcohol content in this drink is around 5% ABV which comes from the fermented cane sugar. When it comes to White Claw’s market value, this drink has experienced amazing growth since its introduction in the United States market in 2016. This hard seltzer brand has undergone a 246.7% increment in sales in America alone from the year 2019-2020.

How Is White Claw Made?

White Claw is an alcohol-containing hard seltzer brand with Mark Anthony Group as a manufacturer. This beverage is made up of a malted gluten-free alcohol base, purified seltzer water, and natural fruit flavors. According to research, the alcohol base of this drink consists of around 51% sugar, a small amount of gluten-free malted grains, water, and a small quantity of nutrients and yeast. Gluten-free malted grains are well blended with warm water and sugar.

Then, the mixture is combined with yeast nutrients, enzymes, and yeast to support the fermentation. This fermented mixture undergoes a clarification and filtration process to give out a beer base. Once the beer base is ready, it is blended with other ingredients that include juice concentrate, fruit flavors, cane sugar, and water to prepare the voluminous product with a 5% of alcohol content that is known as “White Claws”.

What Is The White Claw Ingredients List?

If you are curious to know what you’re consuming, take a look at the White Claw composition: The following are the ingredients it is composed of: purified carbonated, alcohol, natural juice concentrate, natural flavors, cane sugar, water, sodium citrate, and citric acid.

  • Purified carbonated water: It is a seltzer water that serves as a potent base ingredient of White Claw. It brings carbonation to the drink, making it sparkling and refreshing and also preventing spoilage.
  • Alcohol base: The alcohol content of the White Claw comes from the fermentation process of sugars present in gluten-free malted grains.
  • Natural juice concentrate: Well, on mixing with these carbonated drinks, natural juice concentrates enhance their flavor. These ingredients give an amazing aroma and taste to each drink.
  • Natural flavors: White Claws are available in several different delicious fruit flavors like black cherry, mango, lime, raspberry, grapefruit, and watermelon.
  • Cane sugar: The cane sugar in White Claw adds sweetness to the drink which attracts many people with a sweet tooth. It boosts the overall taste.
  • Sodium citrate: Acts like a buffer, sodium citrate lowers the bitterness of the drink to keep the soda-like and juicy flavor. In addition, it makes sure the beverage maintains a healthy pH level.
  • Citric acid: This tangy ingredient gives a flavor like lemon zest and even adds plenty of bubbles at the top layer of the drink.

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How Many Calories And Carbs Are In White Claw?

With 95 calories in a serving of 330 ml, White Claws offers a low calorie compared to other alcoholic beverages. Let’s take an example of beer, where in a serving of 330 ml of beer, you can get approximately 145 calories on average.

But, you will find an excess number of calories in hard cider which is above 160 calories in a serving of 330 ml. Besides this, when it comes to wine, this drink has 250 calories in a 330 ml serving. Compared to all the beverages, White Claws are low in calories. Furthermore, when we discuss the carbohydrate content of the White Claws, it contains only 2 g in every single can.

Is White Claw Gluten Free?

Yes, White Claw is a gluten-free alcoholic beverage. This makes it a safe choice for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. The status of gluten-free for White Claw comes from the ingredients it is prepared using. It is made of purified carbonated water, fermented cane sugar-rich alcohol, and natural flavors which are all gluten-free ingredients.

The result is the refreshing and light hard seltzer with a wide range of fruit flavors that naturally do not contain gluten. It is important to mention that the brand itself states that the drink has an alcohol base with no gluten contents which makes it a safe option for individuals sensitive to gluten or living with celiac disease. This rich nutritional profile and flavor options contribute to the popularity of White Claw among many consumers looking for gluten-free alcoholic beverage choices without sacrificing variety and taste.

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Are White Claws Healthy?

White Claws are not healthier options. Many consumers believe they are healthy alcoholic drinks as they do not contain gluten and have low calories. But, this misconception is inaccurate. Though White Claws are low in calories in comparison to other alcohol-rich beverages like cocktails and beer, still it comes with some risks for those on a low-sugar diet or diabetes if taken in excess quantities.

Gluten-free products can sometimes be highly rich in sugar and additives used to recover the deficiency of gluten. Individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease can experience some adverse side effects of this drink if they have other underlying issues like diabetes. Also, if you are consuming it, always consider the alcohol content as the alcohol percentage is the same as the beer. Thinking of it as a healthy option, you might consume it in an excess amount which might lead to some health consequences related to alcohol. Some varieties like White Claw Hard Seltzer Surge consist of a high amount of alcohol compared to regular White Claw Hard Seltzer options. So, you need to always have it in moderation and with responsibility by considering your health condition.

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What Are The Safe Tips For Drinking White Claws With Celiac Disease?

If you have celiac disease or are allergic to gluten, follow these tips to enjoy the variety of White Claw safely:

  • Check packaging: Make sure White Claw is labeled as gluten-free and do not use any bottle that is already opened or damaged.
  • Skip the garnish: Avoid garnishing with lemon wedges as they might come in contact with hidden gluten. So, enjoy the drink as it is.
  • Verify mixers: Make sure the drink has gluten-free juices or does not have some other added mixes.
  • Eat before drinking: Eat some meals with no gluten in them as this reduces chances of impaired judgment because of diet.
  • Drink in moderation: Drink 1-2 cans which is considered safe as heavy consumption of alcohol can increase gluten sensitivity.
  • Stop sharing: Never share your White Claw bottle with others as they might have come into contact with some gluten-rich products.
  • Avoid when highly sensitive: Quit having the drink if experiencing high gluten sensitivity or severe celiac symptoms.

This way, with proper awareness, people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can safely indulge in sipping a refreshing, gluten-free White Claw drink.

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Summing Up

White Claws are gluten-free which makes these products a safe alcoholic drink option for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. In addition, the lack of gluten-rich ingredients and significantly low possibility of cross-contamination gives assurance to consumers living with celiac disease. Though certification labels of White Claws promise extra confirmation security, its gluten-free status allows individuals sensitive to gluten to enjoy every sip with ease. But, keep in mind that moderation is key, enjoy the drink in an average amount along with a gluten-free diet. The appropriate precautions can help prevent health risks. Here, cheers to a gluten-free White Claw drink!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does White Claw have gluten?

No, White Claw does not have gluten as all the ingredients used to prepare it all gluten-free.

Do White Claws have yeast?

Yes, White Claws have a small amount of yeast (less than 4%).

Are White Claws good for weight loss?

Technically, yes, White Claws are good for weight loss as these drinks are low in calories. You can lose fat when you are on a calorie-deficit diet.

Do White Claws go bad?

No! White Claws will remain fresh and good for about 6 months after the bottles open.

Do White Claws have gluten?

No, White Claws are 100% gluten-free, making it a safe choice for people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

How long are White Claws good for?

White Claws are good for about 1 year from the date of their manufacturing.

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