Weekly Recap: 3 Weeks Until the Barcelona Marathon


Welcome to my personal blog about running, mostly marathons, and life in London as an American. I’ve been living here since July 2022; I was previously pursuing the 50 states marathon goal (a marathon in every state), but since moving to London, I have switched my focus to seeing as much as I can through marathoning through Europe. Next up is the Barcelona marathon on March 10th, which will be my 44th full marathon. I feel like my training has gone pretty well, but I’m not chasing any time goals in Barcelona- just want to run happy and healthy!

This was the first week of the taper, after last week’s big week (recap HERE.) Here we go!

Monday: Rest day from running, pilates reformer class at the studio near my office

Tuesday: Run commute with my friend Tina, 4.5 miles, then an office run 3.1 miles. 7.6 miles on the day.

Wednesday: WFH day; I woke up to pouring rain, but it didn’t look like that would change, so I forced myself out the door for a longer workout.

Warm-up, 2×24 minutes moderate with a 3 minute jog in between, cool-down for 11 miles total. A bit miserable in the cold rain, but I got it done.

That evening, I took a Heartcore pilates reformer class at the Hampstead studio.

Thursday: Easy 5 mile run before work, more rain. Another Heartcore pilates class in the evening.

Friday: Finally, some sunshine! Dustin, Ruth, and I ran 7 miles together. That warm sunshine felt amazing after such a rainy week.

All the rain keeps the grass green all year!

I took my 4th pilates class of the week at the studio right by our place. It was an easier class, particularly compared to Heartcore, which I find to be the hardest, but an easier class with more stretching was a nice way to end my pilates for the week.

Saturday: Long run! I had hoped for 15-16 miles, and the WMN Run group had a 10 mile run planned, so I ran to where they meet at London Bridge, which was about 6 miles, then did the 10 mile run with them before taking the tube home afterwards, 16.3 miles.

It was sunny too! A lovely group though I’ll be honest that I do feel a bit old. Most of the women are under 30; they are all lovely, but there’s a difference between being in your 20’s and your 40’s, you know? I do generally find running to be an equalizer, but there were moments during some chatting where I felt my age. But I will continue to join them as I had a nice time and enjoyed the company for a long run. This group keeps the pace between 9-10 min/mile; I think my average was 9:40 min/mile.

Sunday: Recovery run with Ruth and Dustin, 7 miles.

Summary: 4 pilates reformer classes, 55 miles of running; my more significant taper will start in the next two weeks. Less pilates and less mileage.

That’s a wrap! A relatively uneventful week of training, but some fun in there as well.

I’m linking up with Running on the Fly and Confessions of a Mother Runner; check out their blogs to connect with other fitness bloggers for workout ideas and inspiration!

And hello as always from Ruth and Matilda!

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