3 Weeks Until the Tromso Marathon

This was my last big week of training for the Tromso marathon; next week will be the taper. My new coach Donal does a shorter taper- just two weeks. Its different than what I have done in the past, but I’m willing to give it a try!

Here’s how my last big week went!

Monday: My sister Emily was still in London with her two daughters and her husband. They stayed with us on the weekend, then left Monday morning to explore other parts of England, coming back to London the following weekend to end their visit. I had shown her my Regents park loop on Sunday, so on Monday we ran down the canal past Camden Market for about 5.8 miles. So nice to have her company and catch up on a run!  I worked from home to see them off on the rest of their travels and fit in a Heartcore pilates class that evening.

She got the full London running experience, including fox sitings.

(By the way, we packed in SO much in the two days they were in London. I’m getting pretty good at this tour guide thing!)

Tuesday: Solo Tuesday session!

Warm-up, 4×10 min at mps (marathon pace strength or marathon pace less 10-15 seconds), cool-down for 10 miles. I had to miss the weekly office run as I didn’t want to ask my coach to move too much stuff around in the last big week.

Wednesday: Global Running Day! I met up with a handful of Mornington Chaser friends for an easy social run in the sunshine, 7.6 miles. I fit in a gentle pilates class at Ten Health after work.

Thursday: Another workout- similar to last week’s 3×20 min, but at a slightly slower pace (true marathon pace), 12 miles total. Whew!

Friday: Easy trails with my friend Susan in the Heath, followed by Heartcore pilates, then a full day of work.

I thought I knew Hampstead Heath pretty well by now, but there’s a section called the Heath Extension that we had hoped to run, and we got a bit lost. Oh well, it was an adventure run! 6.3 miles total followed by a coffee at Redemption Roasters in Hampstead. I love work from home Fridays!

Saturday: Last 20 miler for Tromso- and Dustin joined me! It was grand….followed by brunch, then my friend Tina’s birthday party (it was a monumental one!) and then my sister and her family arrived back in London.

Sunday: I had hoped for one more run with my sister but she hurt her foot surfing (surfing in England?? Who knew that was a thing!) so she couldn’t run. Instead, I ran 5 miles with Ruth through the Heath.

We have another full day of exploring London on the agenda.

Summary: 65 miles of running, 3 pilates reformer classes, lots of London walking!

It was so nice to have my sister and her family here. They were great guests and I loved spending time with them and showing them our life here in London.

It was a somber week as well, as June 5 marked the two-year anniversary of my mom’s death. I can’t believe it’s been two years. It feels like a long time- so much has happened that she wasn’t a part of. I miss her every single day and have moments constantly where I want to call her or text her to share something and it still hurts to know she’s not around.

My dad shared this picture of her and I’d like to think we had similar style, but she had the talent of sewing all her own clothes. I wish I would have learned this skill from her. She was an amazing woman.

That’s a wrap on the week, just two more weeks until marathon #45!

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