Avocado Toast Edition – Starting Strength Weekly Report April 1, 2024

April 01, 2024

Avocado Toast Edition

On Starting Strength

  • Rollerball, Protruding Guts, and Rogan –
    Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.

  • Meat by Jim Steel –
    “My history teacher told me today that lifting weights and eating as much meat and protein as I do is bad for me. He said that it will ruin my kidneys and…”

  • Biltong –
    Rip demonstrates how to make biltong, an African method of preserving meat by curing it with salt and allowing it to dry.

  • Who Am I? by Carl Raghavan –
    It’s not just a kickass Jackie Chan movie. Who am I? There are 5 types of trainees (credit to Andy Baker here, who brought this idea to my attention)…

  • Yet Another Squat Grip Video –
    World’s Okayest Starting Strength Coach Pete Troupos goes over a common error with bar placement and how to address it.
  • Weekend Archives:

    Strength Training IS Hypertrophy Training by Robert Santana –
    The quest to build larger muscles is one that men have embarked on for centuries. It is obvious that the skeletal muscles’ ability to produce increasing force…
  • Weekend Archives:

    The First Three Questions by Mark Rippetoe –
    By now, lots of people have done “the program,” and lots of people have gotten stuck – their progress has stalled at some point, having done what they thought was “the program”…

In the Trenches

eve locking out an 80 lb deadlift
Eve, age 14, deadlifts 80 lb for a set of 5. She is a freshman dancer at the Baltimore School for the Arts where her coach, SSC Emily Socolinsky was also a student in the dance department. Eve will be attending Ballet Hispánico in NYC this summer. [photo courtesy of Fivex3 Training]
denise locks out a 70 kg deadlift
Denise wraps up her week of training by deadlifting 70 kg for a smooth set of five at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Mike Sharp]
anthony pulls 265 in training for a strengthlifting meet
Anthony continues preparing for the upcoming Testify Strengthlifting Challenge by pulling a speedy single at 265 lb. Anthony trains at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE, along with his son-in-law as well as his granddaughter! [photo courtesy of Mike Sharp]

Get Involved

Best of the Week

Ideal time to train?


Is there an ideal time to train? Or is it just preference? I’m thinking about switching to training in the mornings right after I have some coffee for the caffeine effects and so I have more time later in the day to do other stuff and not think about my upcoming training session, I also just feel more focused in the morning. My concern is that I will be weaker having only eaten breakfast, breakfast being around 900-1300 cals, as opposed to training later in the day around 2-3 already having about 2500 cals in my system. Is that how that works? Or is it the day before calories that my body would be using? Sorry for the long question google gave me 4 different answers.

Mark Rippetoe

This is something you’ll have to sort out for yourself, by trying different times and seeing how you react.


Absolutely you have to find what works for you.

I have found that training after the work day (±1800) is best for me because it doesn’t interfere with being productive in other activities. Training in the morning takes too much out of me and early afternoon is too disruptive.

In terms of absolute strength – who gives a fuck. Just get stronger at whatever hour you normally train. The small difference in absolute strength won’t matter. Those are my 2 cents.

Best of the Forum

Wide bench pad and failed lift


I have been using the standard 12 inch bench for my entire lifting journey, pre-SS, NLP, and through intermediate programming.
I recently purchased a wide pad that is 14 inches as it is billed as easier on the shoulders. I am 51 years old and have had a previous shoulder surgery due to my previous life in the Army and thought this might be a good move at injury prevention.

I used it for the first time today and I failed my second and third sets of Bench for my work set. I have previously hit these numbers with relative ease. I am just curious if anyone has had a similar experience and knows if the wider pad restricts some muscle usage, leverage or just takes some getting use to.


Yes, the SS Bench, which I own and use, may be the answer. After using it you will never go back to a cushioned bench regardless of width. The narrow width seems to allow a better range of motion.

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