Day-O Edition – Starting Strength Weekly Report June 3, 2024

June 03, 2024

Day-O Edition

On Starting Strength

  • Language Changes in the Media –
    Rip and Trevor Rachko discuss the strategic alteration of language in the media to promote specific agendas.

  • The Gifted, and The Rest of Us by Jim Steel –
    We all know the type. The type of people that everything comes easy to. Yeah, those people…

  • Weigh Your Plates! –
    Rip discusses how the weight of plates can vary, emphasizing that you can only determine the exact weight of a plate by actually weighing it.

  • Lynzee’s Transformation –
    Feeling “under-muscled” and unsure where to start, Lynzee discovered Starting Strength Columbus. From the moment she joined, she loved the structured and measurable approach that yielded results.

  • Don’t Blame Your Deadlift on Your Shoes by Joe Jaloszynski and Mark Rippetoe –
    The deadlift is difficult for everybody, and especially novices. There is a lot to think about, and shoes are something people seem to dwell on…
  • Weekend Archives:

    Barbell Tipping Point –
    Andrew Lewis explains how changing the center of mass on the bar changes what amount of weight causes the barbell to tip when loaded unevenly and the importance of symmetry while lifting.
  • Weekend Archives:

    How to Build a Home Gym by Mark Rippetoe –
    Not everybody who wants to train for strength can fit a gym membership into their lifestyle. Scheduling problems, the cost, travel…

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Best of the Week

Eye drops – possible systemic effects


The eye doctor wants to put me on loteprednol drops, which I learned are similar in class to prednisone. We’ve previously discussed some of the catabolic effects of prednisone on this board. I wonder if the eye drops would go systemic and possibly cause problems.

My eyes are in rough shape right now – way too much screen time at work. He wants me on the eye drops for two weeks. Would you give pause in my situation? If the drops are unavoidable would you alter training in any way, to mediate any possible catabolic effects?

Mark Rippetoe

I seriously doubt that the dose is high enough to affect you systemically. Seriously. Just do the course of drops as recommended.

Best of the Forum

Alternate for power clean?


I’ve been strength training since mid February of this year, and was introduced to SS in mid/late April.


Male, 30yo 6’1″/6’2″ – 195 lbs (Start) 225lbs current.

Squat started 135 x5 – currently 230 x 5

Deadlift started 305 x 5 currently 365 x 5

Bench started 165 x 5 currently 240 x 5

Press started 135 x 5 currently 175 x 5

I’m frustrated with my deadlift – I haven’t been able to deadlift 3x a week since maybe the second or third week of the program due to inability to fully recover. I can’t do power cleans in my gym either (signed a year up front before I knew about SS so that is water under the bridge).

Every other lift, especially my squat, is going up by 5 lbs per session (with the exception of the press which has just now failed at the 5 lb jump, getting some micro plates on Amazon).

I’ve read the first three questions, and they all check out – and seem to be evidenced in every other lift still moving up fast.

Should I just stick with deadlifting 1 or 2 times a week or is there any other substitute for the power clean for non-deadlift days that will help with my pull?

It’s pretty frustrating to see quick progress on all my other lifts, but slow progress and barely any novice effect on what was my best lift starting out.

Or maybe my utterly pathetic squat needs to get closer to the deadlift numbers and the deadlift will start to go up? Is it possible that legs/ass strength are my sticking point on the deadlift?

Andrew Lewis

Do you mean that the gym will not allow you to do power cleans or is it something else?


Correct, they won’t let me do power cleans (or snatches etc). It’s an AnyTime Fitness, so not sure if it is a local rule or franchise wide.

Andrew Lewis

Well other than the usual advice of “get a new gym even if you can’t get the contract terminated”, you could deadlift light, you could barbell row, you could just do chins. There are a lot of options, but the key is that the “light” option when you’re not deadlifting heavy should be little enough stress that you aren’t accumulating more stress than you can recover from.

Personally, I think you need to find a new gym, even if you’re going to eat half a year of gym dues. You might be able to get it terminated early. Most owners of businesses don’t want people there who don’t want to be there. Anytime is a franchise system, so the owner of the franchise might actually be the person you talk to.

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