How to Get Swole, Bruh with Will Morris SSC DPT

Ray Gillenwater talks to the rehab specialist for SS Gyms, Will Morris, about accessory work, “chiseling in” after you’re strong, and “chasing the pump.” 

  • 02:26 How do you get big and muscular?
  • 05:32 Strength training is bodybuilding
  • 08:34 Isolated movements don’t cause enough stress 
  • 12:02 Build strength from the inside out
  • 14:52 Ray’s programming
  • 16:33 Programming/Recovery autoimmune
  • 24:28 Built like a meatball
  • 31:03 Mobility
  • 36:13 Treating patients as they need to be treated
  • 37:48 Chiseling in after you are strong
  • 41:16 Accessory bench work and rowing
  • 48:35 Working close to failure on hypertrophy
  • 52:45 Why the NLP is so effective
  • 58:26 Maintaining the quality of muscle contraction
  • 1:08:28 Rehab specialist for Starting Strength Gyms

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