Joint Health & Strength Training with Orthopedist Dr. Carter

Ray talks with Dr. Carter about the common misunderstanding that lifting weights can destroy bones, the relative safety of lifting compared to various other sports, and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook.

  • 01:14 Does lifting destroy bones?
  • 2:52 Stress recovery adaptation applies to the whole body system
  • 07:30 Lifting weights is safer than soccer
  • 11:04 Muscle as a protective mechanism
  • 15:32 Flexibility isn’t something to pursue
  • 20:08 Where’s the medical field in understanding this stuff?
  • 23:54 Arrogance of man drives progress and issues
  • 24:59 There is more to existence than you can see and observe
  • 31:21 Science is God
  • 34:10 Volume vs. intensity
  • 38:09 Heavy and stronger is better cardio
  • 40:47 Joey’s training journey and PRs
  • 52:23 Don’t coach your spouse
  • 53:37 Having strength as you age is important
  • 59:41 Optimism – back to the incline
  • 1:00:31 How to improve soft tissue with a nonsurgical intervention
  • 1:07:33 Gulf Orthopedics

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