Totality Edition – Starting Strength Weekly Report April 8, 2024

April 08, 2024

Totality Edition

On Starting Strength

In the Trenches

xavier uses a tactile cue at the start of cole's deadlift
Cole getting a last second adjustment from SSC Xavier at Starting Strength Orlando. Cole attended our most recent camp with three of his younger brothers to learn to squat and deadlift. [photo courtesy of Pete Troupos]
mike locks out his final deadlift
Mike, with arguably the greatest shirt of all attendees, finishes his final set of deadlifts at Starting Strength Orlando during the training camp. [photo courtesy of Pete Troupos]
dave woods racks the last clean in a pr triple
Coached by Inna Koppel, David Woods achieved a new personal best in the power clean, successfully pulling 155 pounds for triples during the Starting Strength Deadlift and Power Clean Camp held last weekend at NYSC in Queens, NY. [photo courtesy of Chris Palladino]
chris palladino coaches the deadlift
At this past weekend’s Starting Strength pulling camp in Astoria, Queens, at the NYSC, Chris Palladino guides Thomas Fahy as he completes a set of 265×5 deadlifts. [photo courtesy of Inna Koppel]
lissette deadlifts 85x5
Lissette attends her first-ever Starting Strength training camp, marking the start of her strength journey. Despite being a complete novice to barbell training, she impressed everyone by flawlessly completing 85×5 deadlifts under the careful supervision of Inna Koppel. Join us at our next training camp. [photo courtesy of Chris Palladino]
justin squats 265 at the training camp held in boise
Justin, from Mountain Home, Idaho, completes his final set of squats at 265 lb during the Squat and Deadlift camp in Boise. [photo courtesy of Sam Krapf]
greg gets his deadlift start position adjusted at the training camp
73-year-old Greg, from Eagle, Idaho, getting his start position adjusted during his last set of deadlifts at the training camp in Boise. [photo courtesy of Sam Krapf]
katie squats a pr
Katie attempts a squat PR at a recent open house at Austin’s new Sunset Valley location. [photo courtesy of Dan Buege]
sam locking out a deadlift
Sam continues her linear progression as she deadlifts 74 kg for a solid set of five on Friday morning at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE. [photo courtesy of Mike Sharp]
mark diffley spots a squat pr
Head Coach Mark Diffley spots Emily’s squat PR attempt at Starting Strength Austin‘s Squat Expo. [photo courtesy of Dan Buege]

Meet Report

The annual Testify Strengthlifting Challenge took place this Saturday (04/06/24) at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE, and you can view a recording of the meet. For the women, the Best Lifter Award (Morgard the Manatee) went to Jamie Morrissey, and for the men, the Best Lifter Award went to Grant McCaulley. In the master’s division, the Best Lifter Award for the women went to Jill Weber, and the Best Lifter Award for the men went to Grant McCaulley. Full meet results

jamie presses 59 kg in competition
Jamie presses 59 kg for a PR on her second attempt at the Testify Strengthlifting Challenge, held at Testify Strength & Conditioning in Omaha, NE, this past weekend. Jamie went 7-for-9 and set PRs in the press and deadlift. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
jill prs her deadlift with 108 kg
At the Testify Strengthlifting Challenge, Jill deadlifts 108 kg for a PR on her third attempt. Jill went 7-for-9 and set PRs in the squat, press, and deadlift. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]
bob presses 119 kg for a pr
In his first strengthlifting meet, Bob presses 119 kg on his 3rd attempt for a solid PR. Bob set PRs in all three lifts, and we look forward to seeing more big lifts from him at the Testify Fall Classic in October. [photo courtesy of Phil Meggers]

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Best of the Week

Have you heard of Allergy Immunotherapy (Allergy shots)?

Brendan Korpiel

I’ve been doing these for a couple of years now. It involves getting an allergy test to see what seasonal allergies you are allergic to, and mixing them in a vial for a subcutaneous injection. It begins with something like 0.01 mL 1:10000 of the final dose, and works up to maintenance dose 0.5mL 1:1. You come back for the shots every week or so, slowly building up the amount and dosage. It uses the principles of stress-recovery-adaptation to facilitate this.

I do feel like it has improved my seasonal allergies. Just wondering if you have ever heard of this or known someone that has tried it.

Mark Rippetoe

It has made the medical services industry a lot of money over the past 70 years. I don’t know if they work, probably not.


It depends. Let’s say you have a clinical immediate hypersensitivity reaction (includes angioedema/anaphylaxis/acute asthma) but in this scenario more likely hayfever. You get it on a seasonal basis so work out a likely culprit (e.g. tree pollen) and then get your specific IgE tested and it is very raised – immunotherapy may help. But blanket testing multiple specific IgE can show lots of false positives i.e you have high levels against something but all it means is you are sensitized and the allergen causes you no symptoms and immunotherapy in that context would be useless

Best of the Forum

Casual Shorts

Oso Rojo

Not exactly lifting related, but somewhat related.

Does anyone know of a brand of casual shorts that fit guys like us that squat regularly?

I found a great solution for my dress pants, buy them 2″ larger than I need and have the tailor cut down the waste to file. Full rise dress pants in a world that seem to love low rise.

Jason Donaldson

I’ve been pretty happy with Duluth Trading Company for both pants and shorts.

Then again, I rock the cargo pockets, so I’m talking purely about function here.

Sebastian Ohanian

J crew performance shorts fit great and are inexpensive if you get them on sale.

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