Boxing Workouts You Can Do at Home

Boxing is an effective workout that poses numerous benefits. For one, it can improve your balance and help you maintain a good posture. It can also improve your upper body, as well as your core muscles. In addition to this, it can also boost your endurance and enhance your mood. No, you don’t have to frequent a boxing gym to have a good and effective workout because there are certain boxing routines that you can do in the comfort of your homes and below are some of them.

Jump Rope

A warm up and a cool down is just as important as your main boxing workout routine is. For this, you can jump rope, even without the rope, to get your heart pumping. Just take a minute to jump in place and imagine holding a rope by moving your arms in a circular motion, just as you would if you are holding a real rope.

Jab Sets

Once you have effectively warmed up through the jump rope, the next routine that you can try is a combination of jabs that is repeated multiple times. There are at-home boxing routines that can guide you for this specific workout, such as FightCamp which leverages an app to gamify your workout. The martial arts enthusiast behind The MMA Guru gives us a valuable FightCamp review that can provide you with a good idea on what to expect on this boxing package. Yes you need to shell out some money for the subscription, much like you would in registering for a gym membership, but in a gist, this at-home boxing set up is a great and fun way to work out at home.


After a set of jabs, it is a good idea to do some boxer push-ups but you must keep your form while doing so. Start with a plank position and place your hands directly below your shoulders. Lower your body until your chest is already close to the floor before pressing back up to your initial position. Repeat this for at least ten times before you proceed on doing a set of jabs once again.


There are several types of crunches or sit-ups that you can do and all these are meant to strengthen your core. You can begin with a classic sit-up before proceeding on to boxer bicycle crunches. Your goal should be to accomplish multiple repetitions of these crunches as fast as you can. To motivate yourself to keep on going, you can count out loud.

To wrap things up, perhaps this is the best time for you to try out boxing, but that is if you haven’t yet. The good news is that you don’t have to go to the gym to do so because there are boxing workouts such as jump rope, jabs, push-ups, and crunches, that you can do at home, even without equipment. There is also the option for you to subscribe to an at-home boxing package that can further enhance your workout routine.

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